Summer Offerings at MLC are Abundant

June 20, 2016

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This summer at MLC, women have a diverse range of learning options—more than ever before. Adult education and ESL classes include:

  • English conversation (three classes daily)
  • Basic writing
  • Writing and grammar
  • Basic math
  • Advanced math
  • Reading science

Many of these courses are being facilitated by volunteers, whose commitment and energy are helping to keep the learning going all summer.  Of course, our computer labs are open and women are exploring a variety of subjects and programs.

For our college-bound graduates and upper-level students, MLC ran a three-week “Transition to College” class in May and June that introduced women to college-level work, while also helping them understand the application and financial aid process. This week, MLC is offering an Accuplacer Preparation class that helps women familiarize themselves with the community college placement exam.

With a focus on two-generation learning, MLC is running its annual Family Literacy Program for the children of MLC students, ages 5 to 12. Led by staff and volunteers, the children do a variety of interdisciplinary and fun projects and activities around themes such as “Math, Music and Movement” and “Animal Habitats.” A key component to the program is bringing mothers and their children together at the end of each day to advance their literacy and learning together as a family.

Of course, women still have access to our on-site childcare services. They also have access to the range of support services that MLC offers to help women and families navigate everyday challenges. Our thanks to everyone who has helped to deliver such substantive learning opportunities to women and families this summer!