Bringing Groundbreaking Women to Life

March 27, 2017

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Written by Jennifer Maloney, GED® Instructor

Imagine hearing the names Dolly Madison, Nellie Bly, Elizabeth Blackwell and Belva Lockwood and not knowing who they were.  Now imagine them coming to life right in front of you in music and dialogue.  The students at MLC recently watched as these remarkable women in American history were portrayed during an in-house performance, with the characters speaking directly to them. A little student participation kept things lively.

The students learned of the transformation of Dolly Madison from a quiet Quaker wife to ‘Hostess of Liberty’ at the White House, of Nellie Bly, a pioneering undercover reporter who exposed the poor treatment of women in late 19th century factories, about Belva Lockwood, the first woman admitted to the bar and how Elizabeth Blackwell paved the way for women to become doctors, despite resistance from society.

The performance provided students with a lesson in American History, exposure to a live performance and the opportunity to enjoy a shared experience. The content of the performance was reviewed in class to ensure students understood the historical facts and importance of the change that these pioneering women helped to bring about.

All of these women’s stories resonated with the MLC students who will remember them as women who made their dreams come true—very much like MLC students whose dreams are coming true.