Summer Programming at Mercy Learning Center

June 12, 2017

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Written By Sandra Santy, Tutor Coordinator

As much as we anticipate the MLC Recognition Ceremony, a wonderful and inspiring celebration of the students’ achievements, it is followed by the equally inspiring and beneficial programs of the summer sessions.
In addition to our year-round Tutoring Program, we offer many special classes for the students in June and July, and it is often hard to choose which to attend. Here are the courses for Summer 2017:

Transition to College: Designed for the recent high school graduate and the high-level ABE student soon entering college or vocational training, this program helps selected students prepare for further education and next steps. They take courses in writing, math, and reading comprehension, and work on goal-setting, note-taking, and other college knowledge.

Computer classes: The computer lab is open every day for students to work on special projects as well as join specific classes. The computer instructor teaches several classes in Computer Basics/Typing (using the mouse, learning the keyboard) and Microsoft Skills (to earn a Microsoft Word certificate). Our students gain confidence and improve technical skills they need to succeed in the world today. Additionally, we provide driver’s education preparation for the written test in the computer lab.

English Conversation Class: This student-centered class is for the women to practice and strengthen their English speaking skills. Tutors create a respectful, comfortable, and fun space for the women to improve their speaking and build their confidence. The dedicated and active instructors guide the conversation to identified practical topics for the women, focus on vocabulary, and give feedback and encouragement throughout the class. The women are meeting new students every day, as the classes include tutored and Intensive Study students together. They are grouped by appropriate language level, and united in their desire to speak English better– and to have a great time too.

Volunteer tutors teach classes in math (basic, intermediate, and advanced), writing, reading, and Health Careers Prep. (This new 3-week opportunity is for serious students with a real desire in health care careers and will be taught by staff and volunteers in the field.) By teaching classes in the summer sessions, our tutors expand their own abilities, and enjoy new experiences. The students focus on certain topics to study in depth, try out new ideas and activities, and meet and socialize with new friends in the MLC community. In this way, everyone benefits.

MLC’s Family Literacy program includes 4 weeks of fun activities for mothers with children ages 3-12. While the mothers participate in summer classes Monday-Thursday, the children are exploring age-appropriate topics, such as electricity and communication. On Fridays, mothers and their children spend the day together, engaged in special activities integrated with the theme of the week. Many committed volunteers make this program a success for everyone.

Summer at MLC is a busy and productive time. We are grateful for the more than 50 volunteers who help design and execute the classes. Our goal is to educate and empower underserved women –and with your help, we do this every day of the year.