Happy 30th Anniversary Mercy Learning Center

October 30, 2017

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Happy 30th Anniversary Mercy Learning Center!
Established November 4, 1987

For the past 15 years, I have had the privilege to work at Mercy Learning Center (MLC). It has been an amazing and quickly passing decade and a half. I inherited from two Sisters of Mercy, both educators, a remarkable vision which was to educate mothers so that they would be able to assist in their children’ education. It appears to be a simple vision but it has far-reaching implications.

If you can assist the undereducated female, who in most cases directs their household, you will be able to assist in the transformation of not only the mother but her children and perhaps her partner too. It is a ripple effect, which can bring an entire family to a new level of academic success, economic stability, and a productive future.

In these fifteen years, MLC has grown. We listened to the community and responded to their needs. The neighborhood had changed so we adjusted. Now we have English classes for students from 47 different non-speaking English countries who have become part of our neighborhood. We added two high school equivalency programs so that women could come to class in the day and not have to go to night school. Digital literacy is critical for the 21st Century workforce, so we have two full classrooms of computers for our women to engage in technology. These are just a few of our continued academic offerings.

As we expanded physically with the renovation of our basement, due to the increased student population, we also had to extend our volunteer pool. We now have a wonderful foundation of volunteers and tutors who are essential to the educational plan for our students. Without their commitment and passion for education, we could not be successful.

Is Mercy Learning Center making a difference 30 years later? I can truthfully tell you that it does every day! The original vision is alive; we have not digressed in any way. Today, thanks to the generosity of many donors, the loyal commitment of volunteers, a dedicated staff and a solid board of directors, students are receiving their high school equivalencies, passing the US citizenship tests, learning English, getting better-paying jobs, and going on to post-secondary education. Our students’ children are kindergarten ready, fluent in English, making high honors, and getting scholarships to colleges. The ripple effect is changing the MLC community and because of the efforts of so many, we are making a difference in the lives of thousands.

Happy 30th Anniversary Mercy Learning Center!
Together we continue to make a difference!