High School Diploma Programs

General Educational Diploma (GED®) Preparation

GED logoWomen can prepare for the GED® exam at MLC either by enrolling in the part-time Tutoring Program or in the full-time Intensive Study Program.  In both programs, you will be tested to determine what your strengths and weaknesses are in the GED® exam subject areas (math, English, science and social studies).  MLC staff will work with you to come up with an Individualized Education Plan to help you prepare for the exam and will provide you with guidance as you explore career and college options.

If you are interested in preparing for the GED® at Mercy Learning Center, call 203-334-6699 to set up an appointment to register. Registration takes place in August and January. Full-time classes run from September through June and tutoring runs year-round. All programs and services are held in our building at 637 Park Ave. and are free.


National External Diploma Program (NEDP®)

nedp-logoThe National External Diploma Program (NEDP®) is a nationally and state-recognized online high school completion program.  The NEDP® at Mercy Learning Center is for adult women who:

  • Are self-directed and motivated to succeed
  • Can demonstrate life, job, or training skills
  • Need flexible scheduling
  • Are computer literate

In the NEDP®, you will learn career development, organizational awareness, problem solving, critical analysis, and technology skills while demonstrating knowledge in:

  • Cultural literacy
  • Health literacy
  • Civics literacy and community participation
  • Consumer awareness and financial literacy
  • 21st Century workplace
  • Geography and history
  • Science

The program takes approximately 6-12 months to complete.  You can work at MLC, at home, in the library, or anywhere you have access to a computer and the internet. You can enroll any time of year.  The NEDP® is a free program for eligible women

Ready to Register for One of Our High School Diploma Programs?

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“I had the best experience in the NEDP program. This program changed my life. It gave me another chance to dream…The NEDP will help me to build a better career.”

– Lilly, NEDP® Graduate

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