Other Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteers are at the heart of our mission and operations. Mercy Learning Center welcomes over 450 volunteers of all ages, genders and backgrounds each year. These individuals help provide holistic, compassionate literacy and life skills education to low-income women and their children.

Volunteers bring a diversity of talents and backgrounds that make our programs both dynamic and effective.

At MLC, volunteers help with…

  • Computer instruction
  • Childcare
  • Food and diaper drives
  • Fundraising events
  • Professional services (legal, medical, dental, therapeutic, interview practice, etc.)
  • Administrative/office support and help with facilities maintenance/repairs/gardening
  • Tutoring
  • And more!

Become a Volunteer at MLC

There are many ways to volunteer at MLC.  To explore your options, contact MLC’s volunteer coordinator, Nora Jinishian
at 203-334-6699 or nora.jinishian@mercylearningcenter.org.

“Every time I walk through the doors of Mercy Learning Center, my heart lifts.”

– Prill, Volunteer

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