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What Does Progress Look Like for the Women at MLC?

For the women who enter our programs with little or no English language proficiency, progress comes when they are able to explain their symptoms to an emergency room doctor or count change at the grocery store.

For women who struggle to make ends meet by working in a minimum wage position, success is celebrated when they receive a job promotion with an increase in wages.

And, for the women who work towards completing their high school education, success is realized when they earn their diplomas and move on to college, a job certification program, or better employment.


Academically, the women at Mercy Learning Center exceed Connecticut Department of Education adult education testing goals at all levels.  Most women (7 out of 10) advance the equivalent of a grade level in the course of a year, even if they are only able to come 6 hours a week.

The accomplishments of each individual woman at MLC strengthens the overall Greater Bridgeport community by bringing about an increase in educated and skilled workers, more engaged parents who actively advocate for their children’s education, and increased economic stability and independence among families.

Last year…

  • 25 women earned high school diplomas
  • 69 alumnae were enrolled in college or career certificate programs
  • 101 women found new jobs
  • 17 women became U.S. citizens

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“As time went by I started to notice that I was capable of doing great things. I could accomplish anything that I set my mind to.”

– Carmen, Student